A New Orleans Saints Super Fan wants to know why the NFL made him remove his American flag from a side-rail this past Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

When Saints Super Fan 'Gametime Saint', real name Donald Silcio, brought his American Flag to the Dome this past Sunday, he did so with the intent of showing his support for our troops during the NFL 'Salute To Service' weekend.

From gear worn by players and coaches, to special military-themed performances and presentations throughout the game, the salute to our servicemen and women was apparent. There was even one part of the game where future members of the military publicly took their oath in front of a packed house—a commitment that was met with roaring applause.

The American pride and support for our troops were at an all-time high in the Superdome this past Sunday, so why was Silcio asked to remove his American flag from the side-rail during the Saints-49ers game?

Other than it being "NFL policy," he didn't get much of an explanation, which led to him venting on Facebook.

I have to get something out there to the Who Dat Nation and other NFL fans in general especially those who serve or have served in our Military. Today I was told by a Superdome Supervisor that I had to remove my American flag that I had draped over the side rail. She told me it was a NFL rule. I cannot believe that the NFL would not allow an American flag to be displayed especially during a "Salute to Service" weekend! This really bothers me Who Dat Nation! Please share and get the word out! Maybe we can protest this ridiculous rule by drapping American flags over the side of the entire Superdome! I am not a veteran nor have I served in our Military. I have nothing but respect and admiration to those who serve or have served. I was only displaying my respect and honor for these men and women. I even took a photo with the flag in the background with a General and other highly decorated officers! I shook his hand and I said "Thank you Sir". He replied "Thank you for that!" as he pointed towards the flag. This is an absolutely ridiculous NFL imposed rule! Please help me get the word out! Who Dat? Geaux USA!!!!


His post caught the attention of Big Easy Mafia, a website dedicated to uniting Saints fans worldwide, who shared his story with their readers and even suggested for all ticket holders with side-rail seats to #FLAGTHESUPERDOME

I think the Who Dat Nation needs to start a movement called #FLAGTHESUPERDOME on Sunday November 16th against the Bengals. Every fan sitting on a railing needs to bring an American flag and drape it on the railing for all to see. If there are a couple thousand American flags draped, I seriously doubt they would worry about it. The end result being a win for the fans and truthfully a win for the men and women who served.

According to the official policy on the Superdome website,

Banners/Signs/Flags may be allowed if they meet the following conditions: 
• They are in good taste
• They are not deemed offensive
• They do not include profanity
• They do not obstruct the view of any guests or any existing Stadium signage 
• They do not present a safety hazard

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome reserves the right to enforce removal of Banners/Signs/Flags at any time.

Banners/Signs/Flags of a commercial nature are not permitted without specific permission from Building Management. Please note these conditions may change at any time due to event specifics, Show Management requests, etc.

Based on this policy Silcio wasn't violating any rules, but he still wants to get answers from the NFL. He was allowed to keep his American flag. Do you think he was doing anything wrong?

As if Saints fans needed another reason to hate Roger Goodell.