Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's show includes a discussion on Paul Strelzin and the remarkable impact that he had on so many El Pasoans.

We also talk about the Dallas Cowboys draft, and give the team a grade based on their choices

Finally we discuss some of the memorable experiences that Ruben Ramirez had while covering 19 Super Bowls for the El Paso Herald Post.

My special thanks to El Paso Times Photo Editor Ruben Ramirez for joining me on today's program.

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Here is Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman and Ruben Ramirez.

"I'm going to remember him as a man who had no problem sticking up for people, doing what he could to help out the average person."

"As long as Jerry Jones is down in the war room making the calls, this is what we are going to get on a year to year basis."