After months of speculation the Washington Redskins have released quarterback Robert Griffin III.  The move doesn't come as a surprise as the Redskins made Kirk Cousins the franchise quarterback last week.  Griffin lead the Redskins to the NFC East title during his rookie season but then lost to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round. Griffin suffered and injury in that game and he rushed his recovery the next season and he was not the same player the following season.

The Redskins were hoping that they would be able to trade RG3 but with a salary of $16 million, no team took the bait. Griffin was the No. 2 pick of the 2012 draft and he came to Washington in a massive trade with Rams. Griffin didn't play at all in the 2015 season even though he was healthy.  He ends his time with the team with 35 starts.

He is expected to get interest from the L.A. Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and the Cleveland Browns.