Courtney Roland, a reporter for covering Texas A&M football has gone missing in the Houston area.

Roland was last seen leaving a football camp in an Uber just after 4pm on Saturday. It was later that night she texted her roommate about a suspicious blue truck following her, saying she was worried:

"that she was being followed by a blue truck leaving Walgreens"

She also texted her roommate about a suspicious man in Walgreens in the blue truck:

"looped back around and parked behind her and Roland got out of her car and the truck sped off."

And probably the strangest and creepiest part of this story is a text her parents received from her cell phone that said:

“hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad.”

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Courtney Roland, reach out to the Houston Police Department at 832-394-1840. Roland drives a silver/white 2015 Jeep Cherokee, license plate number HZC7778.


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