Reggie Jackson has never been one to shy away from a strong opinion.  Last week, Mr. October made disparaging remarks about Alex Rodriguez, Gary Carter, and Kirby Puckett.

Multiple media outlets reported that the Yankees had banned Jackson from the clubhouse indefinitely.  Jackson serves as a special adviser to the team.

Today, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman told that Jackson could rejoin the team as soon as Friday.

The Yankees could less about what Jackson said about Puckett and Carter, but his comments about A-Rod created a p.r. nightmare within the Yankees organization.

Jackson told 'Sports Illustrated' that PED's will cloud A-Rod's career and legacy.  That is a stance that a lot of people would agree with, but because of Jackson's position with the team, it was something that could turn into a huge media distraction.

The Yankees are taking the wait until it blows over approach with Jackson.  As fast as the media cycle moves, I'd be shocked if anyone remembers this by this time next week.

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