Minnesota just got hit with the big first snowfall of 2023. Minnesota Timberwolves co-owner, Alex Rodriguez took to Instagram to claim he shoveled his driveway for the first time. Minnesotans reacted appropriately.

Of course, many people remember 'A-Rod' from his notable baseball career. Over the years, he played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and the "Evil Empire" (New York Yankees) before retiring in 2016. The baseball star threw his hat into another sport and became the co-owner of the T-Wolves in 2021.

I'm sure he's been trying to get on Minnesota sports fans' good side since he's a part of a Minnesota organization. After all, he did leave Twins fans' disappointed every time they faced off in the playoffs and now he's a part of a Minnesota organization.

Does anyone remember around this time last year when he showed up at Lambeau Field wearing Packers gear? Yeah, Minnesotans lost their minds, and you can check that out here.

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He does often share his Minnesota life on social media. About two falls ago he shared a pic of himself at what I can imagine is his Lake Home in the state. You can see him deep in thought here with the caption "Minnesota Fall".

Looks like he went to social media again to let his followers know that he shoveled his Minnesota driveway for the first time ever:

Many people didn't believe for a second that he did this. So he decided to share a video with the caption "digging out before the game, see you there Wolves fans":

Naturally, people had a lot of fun with this:

One of my favorite comments was on the original Instagram post from user elcap0912:

That wasn’t even Arod, he hired some guy to go out there and shovel - people who own their own jet don’t shovel their own driveways.

Maybe he did shovel and maybe he didn't. I just like the fact that he's trying to embrace the Minnesota culture. Get use to the frozen tundra lifestyle, A-Rod.

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