It must be nice to be a sports superstar in a city starving for a championship. Robert Griffin III is the kind of franchise player teams wish for. He has size, speed, a good arm, and lots of moxie. He also has plenty of support from the Redskins fanbase, who would do just about anything for their star quarterback. That includes helping him complete his wedding registry.





When I tied the knot more than seven years ago, my wife and I were lucky to get 25% of all the stuff we registered for. When the Washington Post published a link last week to RGIII's wedding registry list from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, many Redskins fans wanted to help out. According to the registry, Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat will be getting married on July 6th. Now, most of the stuff they wanted has been purchased already by fans just wanting to say that they gave a little something to the man that will hopefully deliver a Super Bowl title to our nation's capital. If this picture is any indication of what the lucky couple received, they might need a bigger house. Also, I wonder who RGIII will hire to write all of those "thank you cards"?

Courtesy of @RGIII