Robert Griffin III

There Is No Conflict Between RGIII And Shanahan
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Robert Griffin III says there's "no conflict" between him and coach Mike Shanahan.
The Washington Redskins quarterback made an unscheduled appearance in the media room Tuesday at training camp to address the reaction to the comments he made about Shan…
Robert Griffin III Makes Bizarre Rap Video
Over the weekend, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III not only got married to his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat, but the couple apparently decided to consummate their new nuptials by dressing up in disturbing costumes and making a amateur video about Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops…
Redskins Fans Buy Items On RGIII’s Wedding Registry
It must be nice to be a sports superstar in a city starving for a championship. Robert Griffin III is the kind of franchise player teams wish for. He has size, speed, a good arm, and lots of moxie. He also has plenty of support from the Redskins fanbase, who would do just about anything for their st…
Monster’s Fantasy Football Dilemma [Poll]
I have a major fantasy football dilemma! My first over all pick and starting QB is Cam Newton. My back up QB is Robert Griffin III.  As we now know, Cam played below expectation and RG3 had a very impressive debut for the Washington Redskins.