Here are some random Super Bowl items to get you ready for the big game this Sunday.

  • Rob Gronkowski will play after clearing the league's concussion protocol.
  • Prior to the NFC Championship game, Viking's fans swarmed the Rocky statue and did the 'skol' chant, while dressing Rocky up in Viking's gear. So now, some Eagles' fans are protecting Rocky from any further vandalism.
  • Despite all the records Tom Brady owns in the Super Bowl, there is one he can still break this Sunday. It can almost be considered a 'curse' as no quarterback who has led the league in passing has ever won the Super Bowl. Brady led the league in passing this season with 4,577 yards.
  • Tom Brady will become the oldest non-kicker to compete in a Super Bowl on Sunday.
  • Nick Foles started only 3 regular season games for the Eagles this year. Two quarterbacks have started less games in the regular season and gone on to start in the Super Bowl. Doug Williams for the Redskins in 1987, and Jeff Hofstetler for the Giants in 1990. Both of those quarterbacks WON the Super Bowl too.
  • This one is going to sting for Cowboys' fans, but 9 of the last 10 number 1 seeds have made the Super Bowl. The only one not to make it? Last year's Dallas Cowboys.
  • If the Patriots score in the first quarter on Sunday, it will be something they've never done under Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl. They are 5 and 2 in the 7 Super Bowls they've played since The Hood took over, and they haven't scored in the first quarter once.
  • If the Eagles win, they'd be the 4th team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl after posting a losing record the year before.
  • The Patriots chose to wear their white jerseys for the game. All time in the Super Bowl, the team wearing white is 33 and 18. The Patriots, under Bill Belichick, are 3 and 0 wearing white.
  • And one final note, we get to enjoy things like this during the commercial breaks on Super Bowl Sunday.

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