2020 was a....rough year to say the least. Not just for the country, but the entire WORLD. However, I think we're slowly starting to rebuilding the process & slowly getting back to normal.

President Joe Biden also would say so. In fact, on his Instagram account, he titled a video called "One Year Later" & in the description it reads "The last year has tested us in unimaginable ways, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will emerge stronger."

It's only about a minute and a half long & it's a very nice encouraging message for everyone who's dealt with the events of last year. However... there was A small little detail I noticed when watching this.

Yes... you saw that correctly. That IS UTEP's Sun Bowl, not once but TWICE, in his video (I would recognize the mountains behind the stadium any day).

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Currently, the video is sitting at 1.9 million views so that means, 1.9 million people have seen UTEP right from the first 3 SECONDS. Of all the colleges in the United States, to have clips of our own UTEP Miners football game with the crowd going wild, be included in his video, that says a lot.

El Paso may have that "small-town mentality" but we are indeed a big fish in the U.S. 

I love seeing El Paso get this kind of notoriety from all over the world, whether it's Khalid blowing up in the music world, or Aaron Jones in the NFL.

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