Okay, so we don't have a whole bunch of hockey fans in El Paso, but how about hot chicks with catfish? This is Jenna, a Nashville Predators girl. We hear Jenna hails from Minnesota and likes to ice fish, so handling this monstrosity presents no problems. It also explains how Nashville comes by girls who skate so well. What it doesn't explain is why there's a catfish on the ice.

Of course, the Detroit Red Wings started things back in the day, throwing an octopus onto the ice during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As the NHL spread to other cities, other people have gotten into the act in their own way. Tennessee + catfish = perfect sense.

But how about Jenna, who barrels right in, scoops up the fish with her bare hands and skates off. Did she wiggle it at the Phoenix goalie, or did it wiggle her? Either way, these Canadian announcers sound like they're in love.

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