If you went to the Hyundai Sun Bowl on New Year's Eve day, you might have wondered why Pitt linebacker Elias Reynolds wasn't on the field with his teammates. It turns out Reynolds had a bit too much fun in the Sun City and was benched by his coaches.

Pitt teammate, Chase Pine, played in place of Reynolds. CBS announcers had a bit of fun at Reynolds expense saying he "did something while he was in El Paso that he wasn’t supposed to.” Another announcer speculated, "I think he went to the spot that Summerall used to go to back in the day.” The announcers said that kind of thing sometimes happens at bowl games, but didn't go into what got Reynolds in trouble with his coaches.

Darren, my husband, tweeted audio of the comment and it caught Reynolds eye. Apparently he didn't like getting talked or tweeted about and he replied:

Dude. You partied a little hard, or something, during a bowl game and got outed on national tv. You have a couple of options here - either get thicker skin, stop playing sports, or get a sense of humor! Glad you enjoyed your stay in El Paso!

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