The years of mounting frustration and embarrassment are hopefully coming to an end with the announcement this morning that Tom Watson will lead the US Ryder Cup Team to Gleneagles, Scotland in 2014.

Finally, a wise move has been made by the PGA of America. Thankfully, the past few Ryder Cups of having a "Fan Favorite" lead the team is over.

Outside of Paul Azinger in 2008, no US Captain has had to the fire or the pride that the American side has needed to reclaim the wold dominance that the US had enjoyed for so many years.

Tom Watson is not only the last US Captain to win on European soil (The Belfry in 1993) but  he is just the person to restore the pride in the matches that the US has been missing for many years.

These matches are not for money but for our country. These matches are for nothing more than a one and a half foot trophy that, for many years has been the number one goal and sole purpose of all European golfers weather they were on the team or not.

It is time to get back what is ours. It is time to put that trophy ahead of money. It is time for all US players to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, "Do I care about myself or my country?"

I can tell you this, if these players can't figure it out, Tom Watson will for them.

Well done, PGA of America. It is about time.