As news broke on Thursday about a report on the sex abuse scandal that’s rocked Penn State, those on the university campus who gathered around TVs in the student center to watch the announcement found they weren’t able to — because those televisions suddenly switched to a public access channel instead.

The small group was watching CNN in anticipation of the 9 a.m. release of the report from former FBI Director Louis Freeh, with many hoping his findings would exonerate legendary football coach Joe Paterno.

But just as coverage about the report began, the big screen TV and the smaller televisions in the student center suddenly went blank and then turned to a public access channel talking about the state budget.

“Is this some kind of conspiracy?” asked Mary Krupa, an 18-year-old freshman, as everyone tried to figure out how to change the channel back to CNN.

But their efforts were in vain — a student working at the main desk at Penn State’s student center said a university employee is in charge of what’s broadcast. And that person was in a meeting and couldn’t be reached.

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