The Denver Broncos lost a close one to the Seattle Seahawks in overtime and Peyton Manning says it was due to NFL overtime rules.

Or maybe it just stung a little to lose to the same team that HUMILIATED them in last year's Superbowl.  Hard to say.   The NFL did recently change the way overtime is played but, Papa Johns best customer still feels it all comes down to a coin toss.

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  • Old Rule; first team to score in OT wins.  NFL kickers are good.  Barring hurricane force winds, all the receiving team had to do was get the ball within 50 - 60 yards of the goal and the field goal was pretty much a sure thing.
  • New rule:  First team to score a TD wins.  If a team scores only a field goal (or a safety I guess), the other team is allowed a chance to try and outscore them.  If they do, great.  They win.  If they don't, then the first scoring team wins.

Peyton feels this still puts everything on the coin toss and that "winning the toss means winning the game".  Do you agree?

How do you think OT should be handled?