At a press conference held yesterday, the owners of Montainstar Sports Group, joined by Branch B. Rickey, President of the Pacific Coast League (PCL), announced the successful close to the rigorous process that brings a Triple-A baseball team to the City. The announcement means that all final approvals of El Paso and MountainStar Sports Group by the Pacific Coast League, Minor League Baseball, and Major League Baseball for acquisitions and relocation of the Tucson Padres have been received, and the purchase of the tam has been completed.

On Thursday's, SportsTalk is live from Bikini Joe's and Mr. Rickey was kind enough to stop by and spend a hour with Steve before he caught a plane back to his home in Austin, Texas.

Below is the time he spent with Steve, not only answering Steve's questions but fielding questions from callers too. As you can hear, he is just as excited to have El Paso be apart of the PCL as most of El Paso is!


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