In recent news, Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl announced who their halftime show performer will be. The halftime performer will be P.O.D. and is presented by Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl and Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo. The last time P.O.D. performed in El Paso, Texas was back on July 19, 2019. P.O.D. had performed a free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. I am very happy to see these guys come back and perform at Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

Last year at the Hyundai Bowl the performers for the halftime show were the Standford Band and Pittsburgh Band. But this year, I am very stoked to see the nu metal band performing at halftime. You can definitely expect to hear the songs they're famous for like "Boom" or "Youth of the Nation" and "Alive" at the Bowl game. I believe P.O.D.'s music can be motivational that will push both teams to try and win Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

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