We all have been amazed by Oscar De La Hoya's fighting skills in the ring in the past, but recently, Oscar De La Hoya's latest televised appearance wasn't so hot.

There were a lot of people weighing in on how Oscar De La Hoya's was behavior and questioning some of the joke she was making.

I noticed friends of mine were even cracking their own jokes about how turnt up he was. Some were even saying he can't hang after seeing him display his funny behavior.

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Not only were some of my friends taking to social media to point out his behavior, but tons of strangers were also tweeting about it too.

It's crazy that Oscar De La Hoya has suffered from substance abuse issues in the past and goes in front of the camera lit as hell.

I think his little speech about Mike Tyson and declaring his love for him was over the top.

It seems like fans were enjoying the commentary from Oscar De La Hoya more than the actual fight. During Oscar De La Hoya's commentary, he kept messing up on one of the fighter's names.

One of the fighters, Steve Cunningham goes by the nickname 'USS' which Oscar De La Hoya kept saying 'USSR' repeatedly.

One of the fighters, Frank Mir had something to say regarding Saturday night's fight. Frank Mir posted the most humble tweet about the former boxing champ champion, Oscar De La Hoya. We have yet to hear a statement from Oscar De La Hoya himself but we will expect to see him fight in the ring again on July 3.

Place your vote on what was better entertainment between the actual fight or Oscar De La Hoya's commentary in the poll below.

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