Today is Cinco de Mayo, which loosely translates into " I am never drinking tequila again" or maybe it really means the 5th of May. Regardless, today will be a day that delicious Mexican foods and favorites will be served on "plates that are hot, don't touch them". It is also the day the tequila will become the national beverage for at least a few hours.

Tequila is one of the most baffling of the cunning and baffling beverages that contain alcohol. Friends of Bill W. will understand that context and those who aren't will hopefully never get to that point. But the fact is, we all have a tequila story. Many of us wrote our "tequila story" on Cinco de Mayo.

I think the problem if you want to call it a problem, with good tequila, is that it goes down very smooth. And, if you follow up that shot with a little salt and lime it's actually pretty tasty. But tequila is a sneaky beverage. You might have a shot or two or three and feel just fine until you try to stand up. That's when Montezuma gets his real revenge.

Speaking of revenge, you know that song Tequila by the Champs? Well, they did a follow up to that song. It's called Too Much Tequila and it's just as awful as the first song they did about tequila.

My tequila story involves a chicken wing eating contest and a trip to the emergency room. I hope your tequila story doesn't feature any of my mistakes but just in case you do wake up tomorrow and find yourself with some extra tequila and absolutely no desire to drink it, smell it, or see it, again. We have some alternative uses you might try.

Tequila - 6 Surprising Uses for America's Favorite Shot



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