I normally don't get caught up in the publicity of some ad on the internet, but there is one right now that I am seriously debating. That would be these new smokeless fire pits, and of course, just as soon as I search for more information I get three times as many ads popping up on every page I visit. So, my question to you is, are these new smokeless fire pits really worth the money?

I've never been shy to say that I am frugal with my money, because I work hard to get it, I don't like to waste it. But who doesn't enjoy a night around a fire with loved ones. It sounds fantastic right now, but should I be investing in one of these new outdoor gadgets that is kinda the trendy thing right now?

It Would Be Nice to Not Have the Smoke from the Fire Follow Me

Whenever I am near a fire I attract the smoke in my direction, I will get up and move and I swear the smoke follows me. Just another reason why a smokeless fire pit sounds attractive to me. While I don't expect ever bit of smoke to be eliminated, it would be great to even cut down on the smoke headed my way.

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There Are Tons of Options When Looking at Smokeless Fire Pits

No smokeless fire pit company is paying me to write this so I'm not going to mention any of them by name, but there are all different options to look at when ready to purchase. Some are bigger than others, some are meant to have a cover, others can just sit outside. There are some that weigh 80 pounds and others that weigh half that amount.

I want to hear from anyone who has invested into one of these smokeless fire pits? Are you happy with the purchase, would you recommend it to a friend? Thanks for the assistance.

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