The US is back up to 5th in overall medal count, tied with France. But this is still Norway's Olympic games. Here is your Olympic update for February 20, 2018.

  • We did get a bronze in women's freestyle skiing, but it wasn't Maddie Bowman, who won gold 4 years ago. Bowman came in last place as she crashed on all three of her runs. The bronze came from Brita Sigourney.
  • The US also got a bronze in ice dancing. Alex and Maia Shibutani came in third, while France took silver, and Canada (the favorites) took gold.
  • The men's hockey team desperately needed a win yesterday and they got it 5 to 1 over Slovakia. Next up, we take on the Czech Republic on Wednesday, which is going to be a tall test as they are undefeated in this Olympic games.
  • The women's hockey team has cruised pretty easily to the gold medal match, where they'll take on Canada Thursday night.
  • recently ranked all the sports according to how watchable they are.
    • Out of 20 events, curling came in 19. C'mon, advanced shuffleboard is better than that.
    • Downhill/Super G skiing came in at number one.
    • Short track speed skating came in at just number 9, which is complete garbage. You're always have an inch away from seeing a gigantic crash with people who have razors on their feet.
    • And I flipped on the bobsled last night, and anything like it should be towards the top of the list.
    • And yes, figure skating sucks. It's boring. Yeah, curling is more exciting.
  • The norovirus, which is highly contagious, has been going around this Olympics and officials have no asked the hockey teams to fist bump, rather than shake hands to prevent it from spreading.
  • Elizabeth Swaney is an American athlete who is competing for Hungary, which is where her grandparents are from. And she basically schooled the system to get into the Olympics. She picked Olympic qualifying matches that didn't have many other competitors to get her ranking high. She then came to the Olympics and did her skiing halfpipe run with ZERO tricks. Just skiied it. Congratulations, you miss the point of the Olympics.
  • In case you were wondering why the US speed skaters have their crotches highlighted, Under Armor released a statement:  "The contrasting material in the inner thigh has been commonplace for all country skins for decades, to reduce friction . . . the addition of the second panel reduced friction even more, by 60%."
  • And finally, Adam Rippon responded to Sally Field's son with "Sam, your mom . . . I admire her.  And I'm sure one day we're going to meet!  So, thanks, mom."

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