Ugh. It must be painful to constantly have to stir things up on the Internet. Thankfully we have websites like Snopes to keep everything straight. Of course, if you firmly believe Snopes is run by a group of left wing activists and it's all propaganda, you might as well stop reading now. There's no changing your mind on anything. Unless someone from the right says it. Chances are you'll follow that s*** blindly.

The latest piece of hot garbage to come from one of the political extremes is that the US Women's Soccer Team turned their backs on the flag during the National Anthem. Or, they turned their backs on a 98-year-old World War II veteran during the National Anthem. The reality is they didn't do either of these things. The simple answer is some of the players chose to look at the flag, while others chose to look at Pete DuPré, the 98-year-old World War II veteran who was performing the National Anthem.

This, of course, was used by right-wing loons to point out that the U.S. Women's Soccer Team was disrespecting the flag... Or disrespected a 98-year-old veteran. It would just depend on who's sociopathic tweets you were following.

I've thought about putting the video here in this article, but I don't want to choose any specific one because there are a lot of them and each one has it's own spin on what happened. You can CLICK HERE to head on over to YouTube to see what a simple search of this National Anthem brings up. When you do watch the video, make sure you take a look at the crowd. The crowd is facing different directions as well. Why? Because at events like this during the National Anthem, there are usually two different American flags. There's the flag that is permanently up at the venue, and another that is being held by a military member near the person performing the National Anthem.

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