The weekend Monster Jam show at the Sun Bowl didn't go off as planned and there are a lot of people who are wondering what happened and if they can get their ticket prices refunded.

What happened was someone threatened the Sun Bowl. The FBI is helping local law enforcement to investigate what they will only call an unsubstantiated threat against the event. Photos of law enforcement officers with police dogs searching the Sun Bowl surfaced on Sunday afternoon. Some of the people who waited outside the Sun Bowl for over an hour past the time the show was supposed to start said that they were told that there was a bomb threat. Others said that they were told that the computer system wasn't working and tickets could not be scanned. Whatever the reason, there were lots of people who want to know how they can get their tickets refunded.

I spoke with the UTEP Office of Special Events and they told me that they are not offering refunds on Monster Jam. Here is what they said in an email to me:

1. Will there be refunds offered for people who chose not to stick around for the show because of the delay? No, the event was delayed due to a security threat beyond our control. Once law enforcement determined the building was safe the event went on successfully to completion.
2. If there are no refunds, is there any recourse for people who bought tickets but couldn't stay for the Sunday show? No, the “rain or shine” no refund policy is applicable for all our events.

If you have any further questions, you can call the UTEP Office of Special Events at 915·747·5481.

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