Nine year old Samantha 'Sam' Gordon has become the latest internet sports sensation.  The Utah native has rushed for nearly 2,000 yards and 35 touchdowns while playing in a boys pee wee football league.

On Monday, her father Brent uploaded her highlight reel to YouTube.  As of today (Thursday) it has over two million views, and she was featured on Good Morning America.

The concept of a female playing football against the boys is nothing new, but they are never the best player on the field.  Samantha Gordon is a football prodigy.  Her instincts as a running back are far beyond her years.


A lot of people will wonder if she can continue this dominance as she ages.  Before puberty, boys and girls are very equal physically.  I would be shocked if she could continue this into high school and beyond.  For now, like everyone else, I will watch in awe!