Now that Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season is in the books, what exactly did we learn, if anything?

NFC East:

Dallas- With a lot of questions unanswered, the Boys looked like a contender Thursday night. If Dez Bryant can play show up in the second half, the emergence of Kevin Ogletree could be even bigger than everyone thinks.

Washington-  If one game is any indication,  RGIII could be exactly what Dan Schneider and Redskin Nation have been searching for. Lets not forget though, it is only the first game and this is the NFC East.

Philadelphia- A win is a win. Right? Don't be to sure about that. Andy Reid needs to lean more on McCoy and less on Vick. Like they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink or in this case you can ask Vick to throw but you can't make good decisions for him.

NY Giants: The loss in game 1 hurts this group way less than other teams in the NFL. They got in the playoffs with a 9-7 record and won a Super Bowl. But then again, Victor Cruz was catching a lot of passes and Thursday night, he wasn't.


NFC North:

Detroit: The Rams? Really? The Rams? Surely this was just Week 1 jitters and nothing to be alarmed about? Right?

Chicago: What a performance by the Bears in every way in this game. Will this continue or is it only because they were playing the Colts?

Minnesota: If AP did not play, you could be looking at the Viking being 0-1. But with 2 TD's, Peterson showed he is back and Jared Allen makes me thankful I don't play QB in the NFL. He is a beast. This was a big win, even if it was Jacksonville that they beat.

Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers had an off game. He has a ton of weapons to throw the ball to and that is great but Cedric Benson doesn't look to be the answer at tailback for the Packers. Until the Pack finds a running game, expect a lot of close games.


NFC South:

Tampa Bay: The Bucs got what they needed and that was a win. With a new coach and after what happened last year, to start the season on the positive side is a good thing. But that is really all you can say.

Atlanta: The Falcons made a strong case for being the top dog in the NFC South and maybe the NFC for that matter after hanging 40+ on the Chiefs. Nothing against the Falcons but I want to see a performance like that, in say, New York.

New Orleans: No one except Redskin fans expected to see New Orleans open the 2012 season with a loss. Mistakes cost the Saints and I would be shocked if you see the same ones again. You have to believe the Saints are going to take their frustrations out on the Panthers.

Carolina: Panther fans are hoping that Cam Newton just had an off day last Sunday in Tampa and it is not the sign of the "sophomore slump". From start to finish just a poor game all around by the Panthers.


NFC West:

Arizona: With John Skelton going down to an ankle injury, the time is now for Kevin Kolb to show the management and fans in Arizona that he was worth the large contract he received last season. The game winning drive was a start but will he prove the critics wrong?

San Francisco: It seems the 49ers haven't missed a beat from last year to this year after the convincing win in Green Bay on Sunday. The huge plus that people are not talking too much about it the play of Randy Moss. If Moss plays well, look out NFC.

Seattle: Russell Willson looked solid in his rookie debut but the rest of the offence didn't. Marshawn Lynch wasn't able to get in space and if Wilson's wide receivers do not start catching balls, it is going to be a long year in Seattle for Seahawks fans.

St. Louis: For as bad as it was for Detroit, it was that good for the Rams. First year coach Jeff Fisher needed a big performance to build on and whether you want to believe it, the Rams go it. It may have been a loss but it was a small victory.