Carolina could have taken a safer pick than Cam Newton, but no franchise needs more sizzle than the Panthers.

Denver and Buffalo drafted the two of the safest players in Marcell Dareus and Von Miller.

Just what the Bengals need, another potential diva wide receiver.

The Cards must be in serious talks with a free agent qb.

The Falcons could have used a pass rusher, but Julio Jones will complement Roddy White nicely.  Matty Ice is licking his chops.

The Titans must have accidentally been given tapes from Jake Locker's junior year.

Hopefully Tyron Smith can block Michael Boley for years to come.

The Jags hope they have a future franchise qb in Blaine Gabbert.  Gabbert seems the least likely to be a bust.

The Texans hope J.J. Watt can be a nice compliment to Mario Williams.  My biggest shock of the draft was that J.J. Watt was a big old white boy!

Vikings fans will be pondering why their team took Christian Ponder at 12.


The roar is back in Detroit.  Hopefully Eminem will make a commercial for the Lions.

The Dolphins may not have a qb, but they will protect the hell out of Chad Henne.

The Pats still don't have a pass rush, but Tom Brady is still the franchise and Logan Mankins future is uncertain.

Man there are a lot of defensive lineman in this draft

Alabama is the Kentucky Wildcats of the NFL.  Three first rounders.  How did they lose three games, oh yeah they play in the SEC.

Jay Cutler cried a little when the Bears drafted an offensive lineman.  Then he cried some more when he realized how much he spent on Kristin Cavallari's ring.  Then he sobbed uncontrollably when he realized he's actually marrying Kristin Cavallari.

There are really a lot of defensive lineman in this draft!!!