Cam Newton

Carson Flips!
Russell Wilson stretched a little more time from the clock and found Tyler Lockett that helped set up Sebastian Janikowski's 31-yard field goal for a 30-27 win!
Cam Newton Grants Christmas Wish for Sick 10 Year Old Boy
Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers have not been able to follow-up their Super Bowl season with the same success in 2016. The team is just 6-9 this year and they are last in the NFC South. Despite their disappointing play on the field, Newton is still making dreams come true off the field...
Did Cam Newton Go Too Far with His End Zone Dance
The Carolina Panthers are one of just three undefeated teams left in the National Football League and quarterback Cam Newton loves to celebrate after touchdowns. Yesterday, the Panthers' signal caller gave an extended version of his end zone theatrics to the home crowd and a few Tennessee Titan…

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