Expansion of instant replay has been a hot topic of conversation around the NFL and especially down here in Saints country for a while or since the NFC Championship's infamous 'no call' occurred.

This week the NFL's Competition Committee proposed two new versions of replay expansion. It's being reported that both versions wouldn't be a permanent change to what's reviewable via replay, they would be a one-year trial and would need the okay of 24 NFL owners.

Now, you may be wondering what each version would call for in terms of expansion of replay, here's what each would look like and you decide which you like best.

Proposal One:

This proposal would simply add the inclusion of fouls when pass interference occurs to the list of reviewable plays.

Proposal Two:


The second proposal would also include fouls for pass interference but in addition, would include fouls when roughing the passer occurred along with unnecessary hits against a receiver that's defenseless.

What's important to note with both of these proposals are that neither would allow review of plays in which there was no foul that was called. What this means is that officials could still not used replay review in the future to address the kind of controversial missed pass interference call that we saw in the NFC Championship Game.

NFL's executive vice president Troy Vincent spoke on the matter voicing the NFL's concern to actually call a penalty with replay.

"In all of our discussions, there has been a real reluctance of (giving replay authority to call penalties). That is something that from active players to coaches, all across from football personnel, there has been a real reluctance for."

He would go onto say,

"As a committee examining and looking at some of the other proposals that were submitted, you say, where do you start?" Vincent added. "What proposal, what can you put on the floor that may garner 24 votes? Because you still have got to get 24 votes to pass... What was put forth were two options that at least gives a minimum baseline at capturing what the data says are the two most impactful plays without putting a flag on the field."

This may not be exactly what Sean Payton and Saint fans would like to hear in terms of a radical change to the replay rule but it seems like what Vincent is saying is that they need to ease into that type of change.


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