There were a couple of replay rule proposals over the last week or so that didn't give the officials the option to turn a no-call of a clear penalty on the field into a penalty via replay.

However, on Monday all 32 NFL head coaches met as the NFL's Competition Committee coaches meeting, worked for about three hours, and have come up with a new proposal. This new proposal will expand replay and allow for some non-calls to be reviewed.

The hope of the coaches is that they would like to find a way to correct blatant officiating mistakes on the field during game action. A rule of this magnitude would have been able to correct the clear error made by the officials in the NFC Championship Game this past season between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams.

Sean Payton spoke after the meeting and was feeling very positive regarding the progress the Committee had made saying, "It's the best meeting I've been a part of in my 13 years."

On Tuesday (today) the owners are scheduled to debate the new and improved replay rules and hopefully vote on a new rule on Wednesday morning. There's no telling how the owners will vote on any of the proposals but one thing is for sure, the coaches were unanimous in their message and their own voting for the new rule.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said, "It's was 32-0, hopefully, our voice will be heard."

While it was 32-0 for the new proposed rule change that didn't mean there weren't some coaches who had at least some problems with it.

For example, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was said to be a little weary of frame-by-frame slowed down analysis of non-called pass interference calls. However, he was in agreeance that having the already existant replay official who sits in the press box could alert the on-field officials when clear and obvious calls are not made.

Sean Payton made his thoughts pretty crystal clear that he feels this rule change would be optimal for game flow. "We're going to have a point where this eighth official up is going to allow this game to flow. It's going to allow it to flow, and he's going to buzz that buzzer when he feels a certain level of a mistake has been made. ... That's going to happen."


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