A mere one hour and thirty minutes away from El Paso is Alamogordo. There, you'll find a Del Taco, Holloman Air Force Base, White Sands National Park and the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

The NM Museum of Space history has eight floors dedicated to man's quest for space. Naturally, because of the pandemic, the Museum of Space History has been closed down- but it has just announced their reopening! They'll be opening their doors to the public once again on Friday, May 7th; which, coincidentally is National Space Day!

This coincides with many Americans, and most of us here in El Paso, who are anxious to get out of the house this summer. However, it's important that you still abide by CDC guidelines. In order to keep the public safe, the NM Museum of Space History will have limited access to some areas, and some will remain closed until further notice. This includes interactive exhibits, the New Horizons Theater, Tombaugh Education Center classrooms, the library, collections storage and playground and picnic areas.

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The Museum will be operating at a reduced capacity and do warn that it may result in wait times. They are requiring guests to observe social distancing and will be required to wear a mask. Group visits, public programs, special events and volunteer activities will continue in virtual forms.

If you plan on heading out for a quick road trip, the Museum of Space history is pretty cool. Also, since you're in Alamogordo, stop by the Del Taco- it's delicious.


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