From the time it was announced in August of 2020 that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema would soon open a second El Paso location on the east side and that its theme would honor luchadores, El Pasoans were quick to give it a thumbs up. No surprise, given how big a part Mexican wrestling and wrestlers are in our culture.

Word was its décor would incorporate luchador posters, masks, and artwork on its walls throughout the bar and lobby area. Among the computer artwork of what it might look like that was released by Triple Tap Ventures, who have the West Texas rights to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, was a very colorful mural on the ceiling of the lobby featuring a masked-up wrestler with a flowing cape in a stereotypical fight stance.

And while the opening of Alamo Drafthouse East has been delayed until later this year (more about that below), photos of the lobby’s luchador look coming together were recently posted on its social media.

The huge ceiling painting, while not exactly like the one depicted on the rendering, is just as colorful as one would expect from a theme that centers on performers known for their colorful tights, capes, and masks.

Alamo Drafthouse El Paso

What it looks like above, what they pictured it looking like below. Pretty close and pretty cool.

Rendering of lobby, not an actual photo (Triple Tap Ventures)

A photo of the tricked-out theater we were told would house a 60-foot-high screen and surround sound was also included. The foyer leading into “The Big Show,” as it’s apparently going to be called, resembles a luchador mask emblazoned with flames.

Alamo Drafthouse El Paso

A third photo posted doesn’t give any context, although my guess is it is in the bar area, shows 4 half-mascaras interrupted by a calavera in the middle.

Alamo Drafthouse El Paso

The final photo of Alamo Drafthouse East shared is the outside of the building, which does not continue the luchador theme. Instead, it portrays mostly faces of old Hollywood stars.

Alamo Drafthouse El Paso

When is Alamo Drafthouse East Expected to Open?

Movie-going Eastsiders who have been anxiously awaiting its opening are going to have to remain patient.

The ongoing pandemic and the effect it has had on the release of new films from movie studios is largely to blame for the delay. “We are still making some tweaks to the site, using the extra time we have as we wait until the movie release landscape looks like a better environment to open a new theater under,” is the reply I received to my inquiry.

No date or timeline was given, but when the new complex at Pellicano Drive near Joe Battle Boulevard finally does open it’s obvious from the little we’ve seen movie goers will be in for a fun, visual treat.

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