The Nebraska Cornhuskers finally got to start the 2020 season on Saturday but unfortunately, Ohio State was waiting to greet them.

Ohio State defeated Nebraska in the season opener for both teams 52-17 and dominated the Huskers all game long.

As much dismay as some Husker fans may feel the day after, they should feel some solace in the fact that Ohio State is going to do that to most if not all of the Big10 all year long.

With the combination of Justin Fields, all kinds of offensive weapons, and a defense that is littered with NFL talent, the Buckeyes are simply a really good team.

Nebraska will have opportunities to turn 2020 into a successful season with wins down the road but add up the penalties, the turnovers, and the fact Ohio State was your opponent, you were doomed from the start.

Things won't get easier for Nebraska next week as they will take on No. 9 Wisconsin who defeated Illinois in the Big10 opener on Friday night.

For more information on the Huskers football team, their upcoming schedule, and all the news surround the Nebraska Athletic Department, you can visit their website. 

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