Another day in paradise… while a Mountain Lion plays with a the flag on #18 of the Chiricahua course at Desert Mountain last week.

Posted by Wendie Marlais on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Animals and golf courses seem to go together. Maybe it's the perfectly manicured greens that they cannot resist, the flag sticks could be great play to toys for them, or golf balls are the perfect hard snacks for animals to sink their teeth into. Whatever the reason, wild animals seem to really enjoy spending free time on various golf courses. About nine months ago, video surfaced of a bear cub playing with a flag stick on the course at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Anaconda, Montana. Now, we have the latest submission from Wendie Marlais, who captured video of a mountain lion also playing with a flag stick on the 18th green at a golf course in North Scottsdale, Arizona. As cute as it might look, it's better to be a couple of hundred feet away taking video than being in the foursome about to putt on 18 when a deadly mountain lion decides to play through.

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