"Forbes" is a magazine geared towards rich, powerful people that is constantly putting out lists. (mostly about rich or powerful people)

Every year, Nielsen/E-Poll sent out a survey to determine who the most hated athletes in America are.  The results are in, and a couple of people who would have never made this list a year ago top the list.

1.  Lance Armstrong- 15% appeal.

2.  Manti Te'o- 15% appeal

3.  Tiger Woods- 19% appeal

4.  Jay Cutler- 21% appeal

5.  Metta World Peace- 21% appeal

6.  Alex Rodriguez- 22% appeal

7.  Michael Vick- 23% appeal

8.  Kurt Busch- 27% appeal

9.  Kobe Bryant- 27% appeal

10.  Tony Romo- 27% appeal

1.  No athlete has become more vilified than Lance Armstrong.  Even the most loyal of yellow bracelet wearers are chucking them into the garbage can.  Lance committed the cardinal sin for any public figure, he wagged his finger and proclaimed his innocence while lying through his teeth.

2.  Te'o had an 88% appeal the night of the National Championship game against Alabama.  I think people are weirded out by the fake girlfriend story, and he needs to lay low for a while.

3.  Even though Tiger is finding success on the golf course again, he has a long way to go to repair his once squeaky clean public image.

4.  Jay Cutler is that guy nobody liked in high school, but he threw such a mean football that people couldn't ignore him.

5.  Metta has his entertaining moments, but he is still a hot head and unpredictable.

6.  A-Rod is a liar and a cheater.

7.  Michael Vick killed dogs.

8.  I thought Kyle Busch was the brother nobody liked.  On second thought, they're both jerks.

9.  Kobe can never live that night in Colorado down.

10.  Romo is a good human being, but people are sick of him getting so much attention and not winning anything.