As usual, Yahoo! Sports has done an incredible job investigating former University of Miami booster and current jailed Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro. The Yahoo! Sports team of Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel have blown the lid off of the Hurricanes program and detail the story of a diehard Miami fan and booster whose vengeanceagainst the school that he onced loved is even greater than the millions he dumped into the football and basketball programs. Wetzel wrote a pair of great articles that helped complement Robinson's investigative story that broke yesterday To read Wetzel's background article about Shapiro, click here.  Wetzel all wrote about why Miami is in trouble, which you can read here. All three articles are must-reads and they make the Ohio State probe look like chump change. I was sad to hear that former assistant Jeff Stoutland was implicated by Shapiro in recruiting violations, because I really liked him when he served as acting head coach last December against Notre Dame in the Hyundai Sun Bowl. I'm not sure the NCAA Infractions Committee will hand out the death penalty (which they should), but you can bet Al Golden is asking himself "what the hell did I get myself into!"