If you have been listening to Major League Baseball and their owners, you would think that they have no money right now.

Well, I'm not sure if it is considered bad or good timing but apparently, they will be making plenty in the future off their new TV deal.

According to ESPN, Major League Baseball has reached a billion-dollar deal with Turner Sports to air their playoff games into the future.

The length of the deal and the exact amount weren't initially reported but it is clear the deal tops the billion-dollar mark and once again shows how desirable pro sports are to TV providers.

Included in this new deal is similar broadcasting rights from the previous deal which includes Turner airing regular-season games, full National League playoff slate, league championship series, and some other AL playoff games.

The billion-dollar mark will certainly rub some fans and even some players the wrong way when the league continues to claim they are struggling to turn a profit amid a pandemic.

Clearly that correlation isn't completely accurate looking at a future TV deal vs the current financial climate but the timing isn't good for a public image that keeps taking hits in the court of public opinion.

ESPN's report also detailed out the previous deal with Turner which had them paying $310 million this year for their postseason TV deal that also features Fox, ESPN, and MLB Network.


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