Remember all those nights where you would walk back to your car after a Miner game and turn on the radio just to hear all the ridiculous calls and controversy that Jon Teicher would deal with on Miner Talk?

Well, get your popcorn ready and sit back after the UTEP-Texas Tech broadcast because Miner Talk is back.

In its revived state, it will be a team of us at 600 ESPN, comprised of Sal Montes and myself, along with featured guests Duke Keith and Brandon Cohn from time to time, taking phone calls, battling takes and breaking down the UTEP game.

For me, this show is something that is really special to my life. I grew up going to almost every UTEP game with my family and after each game, my dad and I would tune into Miner Talk as a routine. We laughed when ridiculous callers would chime in on how upset they were with the Miners and we made sure to tune in after big games to get the full breakdown.

In a weird sense, my passion for postgame coverage in sports probably rooted from listening to Miner Talk all those years growing up.

The show is a hum for Miner fans. It pulls you in each direction, asking you to look at the game from multiple perspectives. The show acts like a dartboard where you fling hot takes and get them to stick.

But most importantly, Miner Talk is only possible with the help of UTEP fans. Call in, tweet us throughout the game with your reactions and get ready for Miner Talk.

Oh and another thing—just over a month until basketball editions of Miner Talk. That's something to look forward to as well.

You can listen to Miner Talk following the UTEP broadcast on 600 ESPN El Paso, the 600 ESPN El Paso mobile app or online at And the show will also be in podcast form on our channel.

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