We've all seen them. People who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys in the past cheering for the Seattle Seahawks, or worse... the New England Patriots. There's always the guy that cheers for perennial winners like the Steelers, Yankees, Lakers and whatever hockey team is hot. The last few years though, it's gotten out of hand. The Cleveland Cavaliers now have a fan base outside of Cleveland, the Seahawks seemingly matter in the NFL now, and there have been a multitude of Chicago Cubs fans, who in their mid to late twenties finally saw their first baseball game a few weeks ago (Congrats on the long awaited win!)

Finally a team has done what many teams strive to do! Alas we have a savior to the masses who have been long time fans having to suffer while the bandwagon tarnishes their good name. We have our champion, We have the Milwaukee Bucks.

As ESPN reported on the Sports Center Facebook page the seemingly lopsided match up between the Warriors and Bucks, that wound up being a 124-121 victory for the Warriors, flew to the wayside as the Bucks stole the show in the pregame warm up with an array of pictures that called out the new found Warriors fans in Milwaukee.

Now the question has to be asked. How long until this skit gives the Bucks some new fans?

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