Mike Tyson is one of the most prolific boxers in history. His accomplishments in the ring are amazing. When Tyson started his boxing career at the age of 18 he won 26 of his first 28 fights and 16 of those victories came as knockouts in the first round!

He quickly rose through the rankings pummeling opponents with punches that literally could kill a man. He got his first title fight in 1986 against a formidable opponent Trevor Berbick and knocked him out in the second round and at the age of 20, became the youngest heavyweight champion of the world ever.

He fought the legendary boxer Larry Holmes and knocked Larry out in the 4th round. The first time Larry had been knocked out in his 75 fight career.

Mike Tyson was a tough street kid from Brooklyn. He had a hard life and you could see that life reflective in his no nonsense approach when he got into the ring. There were no fancy boxing trunks, no flashy footwear, and no socks, no nothing. He couldn’t wait to get into the ring and tear his opponents head off.

By the year 1990 Mike Tyson was in disarray. His bigger than life stardom and success surrounded him with miscreants and hangers on who did absolutely nothing to help him succeed. He was arrested for numerous charges. He was in a divorce with then wife Robin Givens, his contract was being chopped up in court by Don King; he fired his long time trainer and was headed down a pretty bad spiral.

He also had a fight coming up with Buster Douglas on February 11, 1990. Buster Douglas was around boxing and nobody and I mean nobody gave him a shot at beating Mike Tyson. Vegas had Tyson at 42 to 1 odds in beating Buster Douglas. Going into the fight Tyson was 37 – 0 and was the undefeated, undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World in all three boxing federation’s, the WBA, IBF and WBC.

I remember that night vividly. I enjoy boxing and it was a Sunday night and I thought this fight is going to be over in about 30 seconds, I’m not going to waste my time at home watching it. I was living in Chicago and went out to dinner with my lady friend and a couple of friends, it was cold out, we had finished dinner and my lady friend and I were walking back to the parking lot when the attendant in the small booth said Big Joe, “Douglas knocked out Tyson,” it had just happened. My date and I crammed into the small booth and on this small black and white TV there it was, Iron Mike Tyson on the canvas floor. I couldn’t believe it.

That loss was the beginning of the end for Mike Tyson. His calibers of opponents were laughable, some of the bigger fights he lost and his brash street vernacular and demeanor didn’t make him warm and fuzzy with boxing fans and the public. He made guest appearances on TV shows and cameos in a couple of movies but nothing that would endear the audience.

Mike Tyson who is 54 years old is getting back into the ring this coming November 28. He’s boxing Roy Jones Jr., a 51 year old boxer. While each of them haven't been in the ring in years, Vegas Odds are slightly favoring Tyson. This is an eight round exhibition match that Tyson said he’s doing to “getting back my glory.” That begs the question; can you get back your glory? This is going to be an interesting fight; I will probably go to dinner with a lady friend.

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