It was truly one of those moments in life where if you watched it or heard about it, you remember exactly where you were on February 11, 1990 when James "Buster" Douglas shocked the world by knocking out Iron Mike Tyson to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.  In what many call the biggest upset in sports history and certainly in the storied history of boxing, Buster Douglas did the unthinkable by beating the 'baddest man on the planet' in his prime, when no one else even came close to giving Tyson a competitive fight.

Nearly 30 years have passed and Douglas, who's currently a boxing trainer in Columbus, Ohio is still looked at as a legend for what he was able to accomplish, which literally changed the sport of boxing as we know it.  On Tuesday ESPN's 30 for 30 series aired 42 to 1 which chronicled the time leading up to the fight and told us a lot about the man Buster Douglas.  Buster will be the featured guest on Crunchtime this Saturday at 11 am to talk about the 30 for 30 film and what it was like to beat Tyson.  Tune in to Crunchtime every Saturday from 10-1 pm on 600 ESPN El Paso or on our free 600 ESPN El Paso app.

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