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Mike Tyson Is Now an EDM Artist

Boxing legend Mike Tyson dropped a new EDM song... and it's actually pretty good! Definitely take a listen!.

What Selena Gomez Wants in a Boyfriend 

The pop star revealed that while she is enjoying single life, when she starts dating she hopes to find someone who is funny and confident, but not arrogant. We hope she finds the perfect guy! (via Daily Mail)

More Than 30 Percent of People Sleep With Their Lights on After Watching a Scary Movie 

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans found that 36 percent of people sleep with their lights on after watching a horror movie, while 33 percent have to double check all the locks in their home. 24 percent even jump right under the covers to avoid potential monsters under the bed. What's your routine after watching a scary movie? (via People).

New Mexico Family Gets Their WiFi Paid For

A family in New Mexico got their WiFi paid for after their son was spotted outside his closed elementary school to use the building's wireless internet. His parents lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and had to cancel their internet, which their son needed for virtual class. A good Samaritan offered to pay for the family's internet. What a feel good story! (via TMZ)

Gigi Hadid Voted With Her Little Girl in Tow

Gigi Hadid went on Instagram to announce that she sent in her vote—with her daughter right next to her! In the post she included tons of voting information, all while showing off her chic "vote" T-shirt.

Stars Who Voted for Donald Trump in 2020

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