Making the lead block of the 6 p.m. "Sportscenter" is usually a good thing.  Being featured on "Outside the Lines" is seldom a good thing.  Today, 'OTL' showed videos of Rutgers coach Mike Rice verbally and physically bullying players at practice.  The piece garnered tons of attention on blog sites and social media.

Last December, Rice was suspended three games without pay and fined $50,000 for an unspecified violation of athletic department policy.  The news hardly made a splash because the NFL season was still in full swing, and Rutgers men's basketball doesn't exactly move the needle.  After seeing why Rice was suspended and fined, the story carries much more weight.

ESPN aired this footage of Rice at practice and social media exploded with reaction.

The line between tough and abusive coaching is very fine, but Rice crosses that line in these videos.  Considering his record at Rutgers is 44-51, I would be shocked if Rice is coaching the Scarlet Knights in 2013.