Last night was a great night to be a soccer fan. Mexico and Panama were fighting for the final spot to qualify for a two-game playoff to qualify for the World Cup. If Panama beat the US, they would get into the playoff. If the US tied or was victorious over Panama, Mexico would take the Panamanians' spot. While Costa Rica was leading Mexico 2-1 late in their match last night, TV Azteca (the Mexico network broadcasting the match) had a split screen showing the US game against Panama. With the Americans trailing Panama 2-1, two late goals quickly changed the outcome of the match. At the same time, the Mexican announcers' reaction to the US goals was priceless.

As a result of the win over Panama, Mexico finishes fourth in the CONCACAF division and reaches the playoff. The US, Costa Rica, and Honduras are the three automatic qualifiers for the World Cup.