If memory serves me correct the Heat wouldn't contend for a title in year one of the 'three am-ego' era because they lacked chemistry, a strong interior presence, and adequate role players. Using the psychological phenomenon known as groupthink, people tried to convince themselves LeBron and the Heat would fail.  This reasoning was founded on anger rather than sound critical thinking.

I still go back to something longtime Miami media personality Dan Le Betard said shortly after 'the decision.'  He took the emotion out of the situation and looked at it from a very logical perspective.  Le Betard pointed out the Heat have three of the best players in the league on their roster.  As long as LeBron, Bosh, and Wade are surrounded by serviceable NBA players they will be fine.

Chicago tested Miami's resolve at times, but they couldn't get enough late scoring to beat the Heat.  Game one was an aberration, and Miami found ways to adjust to the Bulls one advantage, size and length.

Before we crown Miami they still have to get through the Dallas Mavericks.  Other than the '06 Finals run, Dallas hadn't given us a reason to think 2011 would be any different than past years.  Before the playoffs started, many experts were predicting Portland to beat Dallas.  Dirk Nowitzki is playing like a man possessed, and the Mavs have been all business this post season.

Dallas may be a more complete team, but it's awfully hard to bet against the team with three of the four best players on the court.