With its winner receiving a gaudy green jacket that wouldn't be out of place at a retirement home, the Masters is hardly a beacon of contemporary taste. Golf's most revered championship takes place this weekend in Augusta, Ga. If you watch it, you'll undoubtedly hear the majestic Masters' theme song in the video above.

Yes, the Masters has a theme song, but the quaint, instrumental version of the theme song often played on TV during the tournament also has lyrics. There's a reason they are hidden:

"Well, it's springtime in the valley on Magnolia Lane
It's the Augusta National and the master of the game
Who'll wear that green coat on Sunday afternoon?
Who'll walk the 18th fairway singing this tune?..."

Indeed. Who. Will. Walk & Sing, dammit? The song also has some killer atmospherics later:

"Augusta, your dogwoods and pines
They play on my mind like a song
Augusta, it's you that I love
And it's you that I miss when I'm gone."

That's some serious "One Shining Moment" stuff right there (or at least Extreme circa 'More Than Words').

When you've had enough of Jim Nantz trying to bring his whisper to a crescendo over the lush strings of the Masters theme song this weekend, remember that he could be singing along.