Almost a week ago Dez Bryant was released by the Cowboys and now the search continues for his next landing spot.

He finished his Dallas career with eight seasons as a prime receiver, 531 catches (third in franchise history), 7,459 receiving yards (fifth), and 73 touchdown catches (first). The 29-year-old veteran hasn’t hit a 1,000-yard receiving season since 2014, so he might have to take a pay cut on his next team.

One thing is for sure, Dez is ready to get back at the gridiron and wants to prove his haters wrong.

Below are some landing spots for Bryant:

Green Bay Packers

The Packers cut Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target in Jordy Nelson during this off-season, so that makes Green Bay a potential destination for Bryant. Then again, this is the same Packers team that loves to develop products in their receiving system instead of signing veterans, with the exception to their signing of Jimmy Graham.

But, if the ownership pitches a good offer to Bryant, where he can be comfortable and also contribute, there might be a possibility Dez joins Rodgers and former UTEP standout Aaron Jones in Green Bay.

New England Patriots

The first thing that came to mind when Bryant was released was thinking somewhere Bill Belichick raised an eyebrow. New England has a history of bringing veteran receivers, like Randy Moss or Reggie Wayne.

If they were to even look Bryant’s way, they would be holding their pennies and trying to get Dez cheap on the market. The simple pitch to him is this: do you want an opportunity to win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Here's an interesting one: Dez Bryant goes to Jacksonville to join the most interesting up-and-coming team in the NFL.

No, Blake Bortles won't one day wake up with a cannon of an arm. Nor will he be able to throw the deep ball that Bryant loves to catch. But after losing Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns to free agency, the Jags need a veteran receiver to join Marqise Lee and Donte Moncrief.

They have the cap space to pay a guy like Bryant, but if they signed him, they would have some cap space problems down the stretch.

Indianapolis Colts

Here's one that a lot of people forgot—Indianapolis, who actually has Andrew Luck that has an arm to throw to Bryant. According to Spotrac, they have $61,387,376 available in cap space, and only the Browns have more.

Washington Redskins

Finally, the NFC East talk. Bryant wants to play the Cowboys twice a year, and here's the spot in the division that makes the most sense. The 'Skins have Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder and Paul Richardson, which are all far from being top receivers for newly acquired quarterback Alex Smith.

Although Bryant would have to prove a lot with the team, seeing a Redskins-Cowboys rivalry intensify would be such a fun matchup to watch.

New York Giants

Staying with the NFC East, everyone loves the idea of Dez going to New York, but it probably won't happen. Bryant said it would be "crazy" to play with New York and alongside Odell Beckham Jr., but it doesn't seem likely that the Giants would make this pick considering they already have a hefty receiving core.

San Francisco 49ers

Bryant in San Francisco is the most practical landing spot for the eight-year veteran. Jimmy Garoppolo needs that number one target for this system. They have a huge cap space—$38,795,900 to be exact. Marquise Goodwin isn't the best star talent, and neither is Pierre Garcon.

This pickup can really raise eyebrows and might even make this 49ers team that much closer to becoming a true playoff team.

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