Robert Sayegh wanted to know why it was taking so long for his Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight from Detroit to Newark to get off the runway.

So he made a general inquiry as to the plane’s grounded nature that admittedly contained R-rated language.

“I never directed it at anybody, I was just kind of saying it because it was just annoying that we were waiting that long,” Sayegh told the Daily News.

Nevertheless, a flight attendant overheard Sayegh’s F-bomb and ordered him off the plane.

At that point, Flight 5136 returned to the gate (surely tempting the rest of the plane’s passengers to blurt out obscenities of their own) and the 37-year old Brooklyn man was escorted off the plane.

Sayeghy wasn’t charged.  In fact, the airline just put him on the next flight to Newark, two hours later.

“Atlantic Southeast is conducting an investigation of the incident that occurred on Delta Connection Flight 5136,” said a representative of the airline in a statement.

What do you think?  Was this is a complete overreaction by the flight attendant?  Or is there an argument to be made that certain language shouldn’t be tolerated in public settings?

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