Earlier this week LSU & NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal went viral for his comments calling Angel Reese the best athlete male or female to ever come from LSU. Social media heard those comments and went crazy. One LSU athlete has finally responded. Olympic phenom Lolo Jones took issue with Shaq's comments and called him out on his antics.

Jones went on to say that Shaq recently had hip surgery, so he had to be on pain medication when he made those comments. She then goes on to list some of the great track athletes who have done some insane things, such as Mondo Duplantis and Aleia Hobbs. She then states that I'm not even counting the baseball players, the football players, the basketball players, and so on. She doesn't even want to include herself even though she is among the LSU greats. She is right in her statements, because as great as Angel Reese is there is no way she is the best athlete male or female to come out of LSU.

I truly believe that Shaq was using the popularity of Angel Reese to gain viewers for his podcast. That was a clickbait type of comment; however, it worked because I'm writing about it right now. So congratulations Shaq, you accomplished your goal. But I do feel bad for Reese for taking a lot of heat behind Shaq's comments. And this isn't to take away from her greatness because she is phenomenal at what she does. But we can't live in the moment when saying she's the greatest LSU athlete of all time.

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