Not taking advantage of being a popular sports team on a hot streak or following the economic laws of supply and demand, El Paso Locomotive FC have not raised ticket prices even one cent over the course of their 12-match unbeaten streak that includes a current playoff run where they have established themselves as more than legitimate contender to win the USL Championship.

In a COVID-19 world where any business is trying to figure out how to maximize income, the Locos could have increased their ticket prices, piggy backing off of the current success of the team. That didn’t happen despite of the fact that they have hosted 2 playoff matches and this is something that all sports franchises usually do once they reach the post season.
Locomotive GM, Andrew Forrest, spoke exclusively for 600 ESPN El Paso regarding the matter.

Forrest said, "An important mantra that MountainStar has always had is that we want affordable tickets so that there is a ticket price for everybody, from tickets that are more economical to the different luxury areas that exist within our stadium. That’s a decree from the top all the way down. With the limited seating that we have right now, for such an important game, I think we could have charged more and it could have been justified. But we also want to reward our fans for having stuck with us and helping us fill the building to the best capacity that we could in 2020. We wanted to make sure we gave everyone a chance that has been there all along the way to get there tickets."

The Locos will face off against New Mexico United for the fifth time this season with the winner advancing to the Western Conference final of the USL Championship.

This match needs no introduction. Both of these clubs are regional rivals whose players don’t really care for each other, whose fan bases go at it non-stop on social media, and there is even rumors that members of their respective front offices only look at each other with the evil side eye at league meetings. That last part is a joke…sort of.
Because of what this intense rivalry is, the sellout crowd will be in for a treat this Saturday night as this will essentially be the rubber match of the 2020 season between these soccer teams at they have each one once against each other with 2 draws along the way.

Saturday’s match was sold out at a limited capacity (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) on Monday before tickets were made available to the public. The match will be televised locally on the CW and nationally on ESPN+. The match is scheduled to kickoff at 730pm.

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