Lil Wayne is frustrated with how his Green Bay Packers are playing this season. So much so that Weezy feels that the Packers should've gotten rid of quarterback Aaron Rodgers before the season started.

On Sunday (Nov. 6), after the Green Bay Packers' disappointing loss to the Detroit Lions, Lil Wayne hopped on his Twitter account and tweeted, "RIP to the season we should’ve gotten rid of 12 before the season."

The "12" Tunechie is referring to his Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who wears the number 12 on his football jersey. The Packers lost to the Lions 15-9, which drops them to a 3-6 record this season. Injuries have plagued the team for the entire season, including wide receiver Romeo Doubs (right ankle) and cornerback Eric Stokes (right ankle/knee) at today's game.

Wayne, a devoted Green Bay Packers fan, is seeing the writings on the wall—his beloved team will most likely not make it to the playoffs or Super Bowl next year. Even Rodgers was seen on the sideline expressing his frustrations with how he was playing.

On Twitter, Packers fans agreed with Weezy's critique of the team's QB.

"Facts.. should have got some draft picks back," wrote one person.

Another fan commented: "Don’t think any real Packers fan disagrees with you. We needed to get that trade haul from the No 12 trade and build on the rest of the guys we had. Solid run but this teams window had closed. We tried to force it back with no WRs to add to add to that and here we are."

Another person believed that it's not entirely Rodgers' fault since the Packers offense was abysmal at today's game.

"Not Rodgers fault. Multiple issues: o-line play is horrible in every aspect of the game & receivers are horrible," he tweeted.

Maybe Lil Wayne should record a new Packers theme song because every time he makes a song about a sport team it gives them a championship-driven boost.

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